White Papers

Air Quality Impacts of Backup Diesel Generators during Grid Disruption
   Potential Public Health Costs from Air Quality Degradation during Grid Disruption Events —
   The Urgent Need to Adopt Zero Emissions Backup Power Systems (PDF)

California Stationary Fuel Cell Roadmap
   At a Glance: Level 1 (PDF) Executive Summary
   Technical: Level 2 (PDF) Short Version
   More Technical: Level 3 (PDF) Long Version

Sustainable Zero- Carbon Emission Pathways
   Technical: Level 2 (PDF)

California Roadmap for Generation of Renewable Hydrogen
   At a Glance: Level 1 (PDF) Short Executive Summary
   Technical: Level 2 (PDF) Full Executive Summary
   More Technical: Level 3 (PDF) Final Report

Overview of Renewable Gaseous Fuel (Renewable Gas)

Stationary Fuel Cell Cost Trends

Air Quality Benefits of Stationary Fuel Cell Systems

Fuel Cells Enable the 100% Renewable Grid