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Video, Is Hydrogen Our Energy Future: U.S. Scientists Explain

Natural Gas-Powered Fuel Cell Used to Power Data Center

New liquid hydrogen plant opens in Apex, will power fuel-cell cars

GenCell Energy Delivers Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Backup Power to Rail Industry

Norwegian Researchers Want to Repower Offshore Rigs With Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cell without previous metals developed, Australia's global importance underscored in Rotterdam

Plug Power, Olin to establish green hydrogen plant in St. Gabriel

Boston Materials expands into hydrogen fuel cell markets with ZRT lightweight bipolar plates

Construction firm gains approval for 32MW data center in Beacon Falls, Connecticut

Group plans microgrid-based hydrogen highway in California

The Hydrogen Stream: Fuel cell that uses iron instead of expensive platinum

Vancouver Island's first public hydrogen-fuelling station open

Video, PBS, Could hydrogen be the clean fuel of the future?

Bosch unveils hydrogen-compatible stationary fuel cell system

The Hydrogen Stream: Fuel cell engines for stationary power uses

S. Korea's expressway operator to construct fuel cell power generation facility on idle space

SFC Energy, Test-Fuchs and Auto AG Group develop emission-free mobile hydrogen generator H2Genset

Carbon-coated nickel enables a hydrogen fuel cell free of precious metals

Indian scientists develop green tech, pave way for low-cost, durable fuel cells

Toyota develops new module to store, transport hydrogen

Improved Fuel Cell Performance Using Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Korean Researchers Improve Fuel Cell Catalyst Performance by Using Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Governor Hochul Announces the Groundbreaking of Plug Power's $55 Million Manufacturing Facility in Albany County

Hyvia Opens Fuel Cell Plant in France

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plant Opens in UK

Honda US to Trial Stationary Fuel Cell Power Station

Honda to Power its US HQ Data Center with 1MW Fuel Cell System

The Hydrogen Stream: Novel Fuel Cell Tech Based on Liquid-Organic Hydrogen Carrier

Fuel Cells and Game-Changing Tech to Remove 99% of Carbon Dioxide from Air

Carbon Capture Device Could Pave Way for Eco-Friendly Fuel Cells

New Catalysts Steer Hydrogen Fuel Cells intro Mainstream

NorthC to Install Hydrogen Fuel Cell Backup at New Groningen Data Center

City Installs Hydrogen Fuel Cell Backup for Traffic Signals

Australia's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturing Facility Signals Greener Future for Automotive Industry

Investigating New Materials to Reduce the Operation Temperature of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Hyped Hydrogen Storage Company Opts to Manufacture Fuel Cells Near Brisbane

Australia's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturing Facility

Advent Technologies Announces Successful Installation of the Advent Fuel Cell System in the Philippine Telecom Sector

South Korean Expands on Its Hydrogen Strategy Across the Country

New PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Can Oxidie CO, H2 or a Combination; Addressing the Poisoning Problem

South Korea Completes Construction of World's Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant

Plug Power & FFI JV Electrolyser Gigafactory in Queensland to Help Fortescue Fulfil its Decarbonisation Ambitions

Bloom Energy Announces Commercial Availability of Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cells

New Study Shows A Rapid Increase Of Diesel-fueled Backup Generators Across California

Stationary Fuel Cells Act as a Microgrid Gap Solution

Hyundai Mobis to Build 2 New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plants

Ballard and Gore Team Up to Advance Fuel Cell Growth

U.S. Department of Energy Awards FuelCell Energy an Additional $8 Million in Funding For its Differentiated Solid Oxide Platform

Plug Power Unveils Plans for Electrolyser/Fuel Cell Gigafactory in South Korea as Part of New Joint Venture

Hyundai Works with Doosan Fuel Cell to Test Hydrogen Fuel Cells as Distributed Power Source

Optima Showcases Machine Solution for Fuel Cells

Toyota Partners with ENEOS to Explore a Hydrogen-Powered Woven City

Kogas to Establish World's First Hydrogen Equipment Inspection Center

DOE Awards Additional $8M to FuelCell Energy in Pursuit of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology

Smart to Power Cell Sites with Green Energy Through Fuel Cell Technology from SerEnergy

SFC Energy Unveils Fuel Cell Solutions Portfolio for Extreme Environmental Conditions

South African-Developed Fuel Cell Passing Tests at Implats Refinery

Climate-Friendly Neighborhood Electricity

R&D Toward Sustainable Technologies Is the Key to Achieving California's Climate Goal

Secretary Granholm Launches Energy Earthshots Initiative to Accelerate Breakthroughs Toward a Net-Zero Economy

ExxonMobil Announces New Business to Tackle Carbon Emissions, Reiterates FuelCell Collaboration

Hydrogen Amongst Joe Biden's Clean Energy Plans for the US

SoCalGas to Test Technology that Could Transform Hydrogen Distribution and Enable Rapid Expansion of Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Clean Fuel-Cell Power Back-Up Installed at Intersection at Risk of Wildfire Blackouts in California

Bloom Energy and SK E&C Win Competitive Bid for Korea's Changwon RE100 Project to Supply 100% Hydrogen-Powered Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

Can We Have a Power Grid That is Both Renewable and Reliable?

Opinion: Hydrogen Gas Key to California Avoiding Rolling Blackouts

California Is Trying To Jump-Start the Hydrogen Economy

NextEra Energy to Build Its First Green Hydrogen Plant in Florida

SoCalGas Now Powering Two Los Angeles Facilities with Bloom Energy AlwaysON Microgrids

Plug Power Launches New High Powered Fuel Cell for Data Centers, Microgrids

Plug Power Announces Commercial Launch of GenSure HP Fuel Cell Platform

Bloom Energy Soars After Launch into Green Hydrogen Market

Bloom Energy Surges After Expanding into Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen May Be the Crucial 'Jigsaw' Piece for Green Microgrids

California is a Long Ways Away from the Finish Line in the Fight Against Climate Pollution

Fuel Cell Maker Wants to Supply Gas for Hydrogen Economy

DOE Announces New Lab Consortia to Advance Hydrogen and Fuel Cell R&D

Plug Power Acquires Two Companies, Boosts Revenue Projections

Engineers Develop New Fuel Cells with Twice the Operating Voltage as Hydrogen Fuel Cells

WSU Researchers Advance Fuel Cell Technology

New Waste-to-Hydrogen Processes Could Contribute to A Carbon Negative Future

SA to Deploy Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Support COVID-19 Response

Clean Hydrogen for The Next Generation EU

New Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System Wins State Approval in S. Korea

Platinum-Free Catalysts Could Make Cheaper Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Coordination Polymer Glass Provides Solid Support for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Plug Power Inc. Launches First Ever Convertible Green Bond Offering in the US to Fund Company's Hydrogen Strategy

FuelCell Energy Celebrates Significant 10 Million MWH Milestone; Provides Clean, Resilient, Secure Power across Multiple Applications

San Bernardino Renewable BioFuels Project Construction Begins; FuelCell Energy to Assist San Bernardino with Reducing the Use of Its Flare

Coordination Polymer Glass Provides Solid Support for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Can Rice University's Hydrogen 'Leaf' Technology Be A Game Changer?

Plug Power Inc. Announces Meaningful Progress in its Hydrogen Vertical Integration Strategy

Instant Hydrogen Production for Powering Fuel Cells

Power Station Switch from Coal to Hydrogen Sets New Global Example

Renewable Hydrogen: The Answer for Complete Decarbonization [Interview]

2020 Marks the Start of the Decade of Hydrogen

Montville Water Pollution Control Authority Facility gets a Fuel Cell

Bloom Energy's Fuel Cells Power Hospitals

Fuel Cell Engineer Develops Fix For Hundreds of Ventilators

Cummins Expands Investment in Fuel Cell Technology

From Fuel Cells to Face Shields: Ann Arbor Company Adapts Machinery, Talent for Coronavirus Fight

FuelCell Energy's 20 Megawatt Fuel Cell Park Exceeded All Performance Expectations at Korea Southern Power Company

Fuel Cell Technology to Power Disaster Management Systems

Judge Rescinds Santa Clara's New Fuel Cell Rules

Plug Power Lands USD-172m Order For Hydrogen, Fuel Cells

Global Fuel Cell Market – Segmented By Application, Type, And Geography – Growth, Trends And Forecast

Bloom Fuel Cells to Power 40 Stop and Shop Stores

Hydrogen-Powered CSV Brings Zero Emissions Closer to Reality

FuelCell Energy Announces Start of Commercial Operation of 2.8 Megawatt Fuel Cell Project in Tulare California

Ballard and HDF Energy Sign Development Agreement For Multi-Megawatt Fuel Cell Systems

Bloom Energy and California Ag Venture Plan to Convert Cow Poop to Electricity

Bloom Energy and Samsung Heavy Industries Team Up to Build Ships Powered by Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

South Korea Work Begins on Worlds Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant

In a High-Tech State, Blackouts Are a Low-Tech Way to Prevent Fires

Resilience Benefits of Stationary Fuel Cell Systems in the Face of Earthquakes, Wildfires, Hurricanes, Superstorms and Blackouts, in Rural and Urban Communities

Fuel-Cell Powered Microgrids Keep Home Depot Stores Open Through New York Power Outages

Ballard to Establish Fuel Cell Center of Excellence in Europe to Serve Marine Market with Zero-Emission Solutions  

Bloom Energy Expands its Market Footprint with Two New Commercial and Industrial Microgrids  

Can Bloom Energy Transform the Data Center Industry?  

SCAQMD Awards More Than $47 Million in Incentive Funds to Implement and Demonstrate Cleaner Technologies and Fuels to Reduce Air Pollution  

FuelCell Energy Enters Option Agreement for Landfill Gas Project  

Inside Home Depot’s Sustainability and Energy Strategy  

CMEEC Plays Key Role in Submarine Base Microgrid  

Fuel Cell Company Plans to Make Renewable Biofuel at Closed Newport Beach Landfill  

FuelCell Energy Celebrates 8 Million MWH of Clean Power Generation  

New Microgrid Provides “Always On” Energy to Connecticut Town’s Emergency Services  

The Next Generation of Microbial Fuel Cells  

Bloom Energy Signs South Korea Fuel Cell Deal  

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Career Map  

Layered Core Could be Key to Longer-Lasting Fuel Cells  

Fuel Cells Combined with Wind, Solar are the Next Clean Energy Tech  

Catalyst Advance Could Lead to Economical Fuel Cells  

Toyota Wins Port of Long Beach Approval for Fuel Cell Powered Auto Terminal  

What Do Hydrogen Fuel Cells Mean for The Future Of STEAM?  

Nel ASA: Constructing the World’s Largest Electrolyzer Manufacturing Plant  

Doosan Corporation to Supply Large-Scale Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant  

Plug Power CEO's Strategy to Increase Production Up to 20,000 Fuel Cells Per Year  

NM Energy Company Lands Lead Role on $1M DOE Project  

DOE to Support 28 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Projects with $38m Funding  

New Britain’s Stanley, Black & Decker Plant To Become Fuel Cell Park  

Kenyan Telecom Company to Replace 800 Diesel Generators with Fuel Cells   

DOE to Award ~$13.5M to 16 R&D Projects for Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Technologies  

Home Depot Details Energy Savings; Fuel Cell Use   

Microsoft and Toyota are Revving up Interest in Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Energy Tech  

Fuel-Cell Ferry Coming to San Francisco Bay   

Bloom Energy Plans IPO, Hopes to Expand Data Center Fuel Cell Business  

Wind and Fuel Cell Power Backed by State   

GenCell Energy Unveils Affordable Off-Grid Fuel Cell Solution  

Wisconsin Microgrid Combines Solar, Wind, Gas, Battery Storage and Hydrogen Fuel Cell  

France to Utilize Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Across All Sectors  

Analyzing Potential Clean Energy Technology–Fuel Cells–with Microscopic Techniques  

Three Student Teams to Receive Hydrogen Contest Awards at Department of Energy Conference  

Paving the Way for Safer, Smaller Batteries and Fuel Cells  

Fuel Cells Finally Find a Killer App: Carbon Capture  

FuelCell Energy, Inc. Gets Federal Boost While Continuing To Gauge State Support   

Editorial: State Should Invest In Fuel Cells   

Toyota to Build More Fuel Cell Stacks, Hydrogen Tanks at New Facility   

Manchester Metropolitan University is Launching a Fully Funded Program to Help Businesses Understand and Diversify through the Development of New Products or Services in Fuel Cell Technology  

Researchers from the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University Have Developed a Fuel Cell That Uses Lignin, a Cheap By-Product From Paper Manufacture and One of the Most Common Biopolymers  

Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells Exhibit Both the Long-term Durability and Fuel Flexibility Needed to Become a Viable Commercial Alternative to Other Existing Fuel Cell Technologies   

Europe Aims to Become a World-Class Commercializer of Fuel Cell Technology  

VTT Research Center in Finland is Coordinating a Five-Year European Consortium Worth More than 10 Million Euro, Aiming at the Development of Commercial Applications of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology (SOFC)  

Technavio Projects the Global Stationary Fuel Cell Market to Post a Growth Rate of Over 22% During the Period of 2018 through 2022  

Fuel Cell Market Expected to Reach USD 9.4 Billion by the End of 2024  

New York State is Investing $15 Million for Installing and Operating Fuel Cell Systems Statewide for Critical Facilities   

FuelCell Energy Announces New Five-Megawatt Project with Campbell Soup Company in Bakersfield, California   

Diverse Ways Fuel Cell Power Plants are Used Across the United States   

The World’s First Non-Precious Metal Catalyst-Based Product from Ballard Power Systems   

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Announces Up to $39 Million in Available Funding to Support Early Stage Research and Development (R&D) of Innovative Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies  

Fuel Cell and Wind Developers in Connecticut Have Unveiled 27 Projects They Want to Build with Approval of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection   

New Fuel Cell Offering Demonstrates Exceptional Power Density and Stability, Heightens the Viability of Incorporating Fuel Cells into a Sustainable Energy Future   

Microgrids are Poised to Grow as Large Utilities see a Growth Vehicle  

Connecticut’s Latest Microgrid and Fuel Cell Project Goes Live in Hartford  

Microgrids Keep These Cities Running When the Power Goes Out  

Toyota to Build the World's First Megawatt-scale 100% Renewable Power and Hydrogen Generation Station  

National Fuel Research Center at the University of California, Irvine Salutes the First Commercial Deployment of Tri-Generation Technology  

Fuel Cell Energy SureSource Power Plant Using On-Site Anaerobic Digester Gas Achieves Certification for California Air Resources Board Distributed Generation (DG) Clean Air Standards   

Doosan Completes Construction on the Largest Fuel Cell Power Plant in Korea  

FuelCell Energy Announces Grid Resiliency Project with PSEG Long Island

IKEA 'Flips-the-Switch' On Fuel Cell System to Generate More Onsite Power at New Haven Store  

Morgan Stanley and Bloom Energy Announce the Completion of a Fuel Cell Project at Morgan Stanley's Global Headquarters in New York City's Times Square Neighborhood   

In a National First, UC Irvine Injects Renewable Hydrogen into Campus Power Supply  

UC Irvine Injects Renewable Hydrogen into Campus Power Supply, Power-to-Gas Technique Offers New Way to Store and Use Excess Wind and Solar Energy  

UC Irvine Medical Center's Fuel Cell Now in Operation  

Bloom Energy to Install First-Ever High Rise Project at Morgan Stanley Global Headquarters in New York City  

IKEA to Increase Investment in Fuel Cells with Plans for Systems to Generate Renewable Energy at Four More California Stores